Slackware Slackathon – Raspberry Pi4 & Pinebook Pro

Yesterday, I recorded an episode with Stuart Winter on the SlackChat podcast. We talked about recent progress of the Slackware Aarch64 port. Last week, I did the first install of Slackware on the Raspberry Pi 4, using the mainline Linux kernel, and the Aaarch64 packages from the port. Work on the Pinebook for the last few months was at a more casual rate. I wasn’t certain that my integration of the Raspberry Pi 4 would be included into Slackware officially. It installs, boots, and operates on the RockPro64 and Pinebook Pro all the same. My goal was to match Stuart Winter’s quality for the Raspberry Pi and I think I was successful. Anyway, enough of my rambling. Below is the video we recorded for the podcast.



“Hangout with Stuart and Brent having Slackathon. We finish off the installation support for the Pinebook Pro. Brent shows us the progress with Raspberry Pi integration.”

Fingers crossed for the inclusion of the Raspberry Pi 4 support into SlackweareAarch64-current. I would like to thank all prior Slackware community work and projects related to the Raspberry Pi. I wouldn’t know how to run Slackware on Arm or Aarch64 single board computers without the knowledge I learned.

Thanks for reading! Or, watching?

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