Slackware ARM 15.0 is Here!

Several years of development have lead to the 15.0 release of Slackware. It has been an exciting week for Slackers everywhere and it doesn’t end there. The ARM port is ready for use by the general public with many improvements and bug fixes. It comes packed with a 5.15.x LTS kernel, better loading of kernel modules to light up new hardware, and an easy initial ram disk management process using the os-initrd-mgr command.

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Next, Season 2 of the Slackware ARM Podcast came to an end. It’s been a blast being able to record with Stuart Winter. You can find the last episode here, Episode 25. Ideas for different topics in Season 3 can be emailed to mozes@slackware.

As many of you know, I have been more involved in the Aarch64 side of things. I can confidently say that the Slackware Aarch64 port is well under way and in heavy testing. Right now there are still some concerns, but I will leave the worrying up to Stuart. Official Aarch64 support of these three boards will be available: the RockPro64, the Pinebook Pro, and the Raspberry Pi 4. There are some small wrinkles with the Raspberry Pi 3 support, but those will be ironed out. Finally, the SlackDocs wiki has fresh installation documentation that has been carefully tailored for ARM and Aarch64. Hopefully it will help newbies and veterans alike! Documentation found here.

Lastly, Subscribers to the Slackware ARM Patreon should be aware that all donations were a lot of help to Stuart during the 15.0 development cycle. He has expressed it to me directly and to the viewers of the ARM Podcast. After all, he has done the heavy lifting for us, and he should be kept “comfortable”, so he can do his work.

Please visit the Support Forum to ask questions and ask for support.

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