Slackware Aarch64 Install: Raspberry Pi 3

There has been work done to add support for the Raspberry Pi 3 to the Slackware Aarch64 port. Largely it was only a matter of running modprobe on the required kernel modules to light up my Raspberry Pi 3 B. Unfortunately, my Raspberry Pi 3 B+ is no longer working due to hardware issues and I cannot test on that variant of the Raspberry Pi.

I am also working on the side to light up the Orange Pi R1 Plus, which has a Rk3328 System on Chip. It turned out to be tricky to get it to boot. I plan on waiting a month or two for mainline u-boot and the mainline Linux kernel to catch up to the hardware vendor. This is often the case when these type of computers are released.

Anyway, I rambled enough! This is meant to be a short update. Below is a video showing how I went about running the Slackware installer on an unsupported device. Later in the video I make a mistake that I think could be a common error users will run into while playing with new hardware running Slackware AArch64. I forgot to update the boot loader configuration to reflect the new SSD block device! All the extra “gotchas” will be fixed when an image is released to the public. When will that be?

When it’s ready.

Slackware installation on a Raspberry Pi 3 B

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