SlackChat S02E11: Kernel Module loader

Yesterday I was asked to record an episode of SlackChat with Stuart Winter. Stuart is the guy in charge of the Arm and Aarch64 ports of Slackware. SlackChat is a Slackware Linux podcast that talks about a range of related topics. We talked about an enhancement he created for the Slackware ARM initial ramdisk. It enables users to create support for unsupported ARM and Aarch64 devices on the Slackware platform.


Essentially, the code he wrote was designed to add the ability to load device drivers into memory. The previous design of the initial ramdisk loaded every module for every single device supported by Slackware ARM – plus the necessary generic kernel modules. This resulted in errors and warning messages during the boot process. As Stuart said in the video: “it is a bug.” This video is a short introduction to how his enhancement works.

SlackChat Podcast, Season 2, Episode 11

Make sure you like the video and subscribe to the SlackChat podcast. You can find the Slackware ARM YouTube channel here. Thanks for reading! Please feel free to leave any suggestions or complaints in the coments below. Enjoy the video.

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