I make a point to learn a new topic about computer software or hardware each day. I enjoy the challenge. It is fun for me. I enjoy the mental stimulation. The research and application of technical skills involves a lot of tinkering, trial, and error. It also involves a sort of creative process that I find very rewarding when I complete a project. I consider myself lucky that I have the time each day to do so. This blog is meant to share my adventures in information technology.

What topics will I cover?

Information technology encompases a large range of topics. I plan to specifically cover subjects related to Open Source, Linux, Software Development, and occasionally Networking.

I feel that all software and hardware should be open and available to anyone with the ability to use it. Naturally, my favorite Linux distribution is a general purpose Operating System called Slackware. Sometimes I will install other Linux Operating Systems to explore what else is out there. I always come back to Slackware. Do not be surprised if the majority of conteint is tailored for towards Slackware.

I hope you enjoy!